Is Sellable a property flipper?

No. Absolutely not. We share any upside with you.

“Property flippers” (as they are known in the industry) typically target sellers who are desperate to sell their home, with the aim of buying the property at the lowest possible price. They then go on to re-sell the home for market value and pocket all the profit themselves.

Sellable uses certified independent valuers to obtain an objective market value for every property, which ensures our offers are always fair. We also share this market value openly with you. In addition, if your home sells for more than our guaranteed price, you keep any additional upside, less our commission. So our interests are aligned with yours as everyone benefits if your home sells for a higher than expected price.

There are also no hidden fees: you know what you’ll pay for the Sellable service upfront.

It’s worthwhile mentioning that although property prices in Australia have generally increased year on year, that’s not the case for every home in every area. So we’re putting our money where our mouth is: not only do we ensure you benefit if your home sells for a higher than expected price but we also guarantee you a minimum value for your home at the time you sign the contract.

This means you can always rest assured that you’ll always receive at least the value of the guarantee, even if your home sells for less.

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