What type/ kind of properties does Sellable work with?

At the moment, Sellable is focused on properties with the following characteristics:

  • Residential real estate (including homes, apartments, townhouses and villas)
  • Properties that are site-built (not pre-fabricated or mobile)
  • Properties located in our service areas of NSW, QLD and WA
  • Where the seller has clear ownership of the property
  • If the seller has a mortgage, that the loan-to-value  ratio (LVR) for that mortgage is below 85%
  • Properties where our valuation is between AU$350k and AU$1M
  • Properties that are built on a maximum of half an acre of land
  • Properties not located in areas of high flood or bushfire risk
  • Properties that don't have any unapproved additions
  • Properties that are free of asbestos

We plan to expand our target properties over time and there may be exceptions, so feel free to contact us directly to discuss your property.


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