How do Sellable’s costs compare to a traditional sales process?

Sellable is here to make selling your home quicker, simpler and easier. We provide a comprehensive sales service and take on all the usual headaches involved in selling your home.

You’ll receive a guaranteed value for your home - upfront, in cash. In addition, if your home sells for more than our guaranteed price, you keep any additional upside, less our commission.

Sellable takes over the management of your home sale and our fees include standard Real Estate Agent charges along with typical finance and insurance charges that we pay on your behalf.

In a traditional sale, you’ll also need to keep paying for your mortgage and property insurance while you wait for your home to sell. We remove that risk and uncertainty.

In addition, there may be a range of hidden costs, including inspections, legal and settlement costs that you’d normally pay but are included in the Sellable service. 

When compared to a standard sale, you can expect to pay for all the usual activities mentioned above and a Sellable service fee which varies from property to property. Request an offer and we can give you an exact service fee cost.


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