Why should I use Sellable?

Sellable takes the uncertainty and risk out of selling your home by giving you cash for your home within days while still maximising the value of your property.

Guaranteed Price:

After your home valuation we will send you our offer, based on the market value of your home. It will include our guaranteed price for your home, any fees we charge and the amount you will receive in your bank account.  It's completely free with no obligations and you know upfront the guaranteed price for your home.

Get Paid in 7 days:

You tell us when you’d like to move out and in as little as 7 days we can make payment. This can be between 1 and 7 weeks after signing the contract. Your move out date is also the day you will receive your Guaranteed Price payment

Best practice sales process:

We will manage the sales process from start to finish. Additionally, we clean your home professionally, make minor repairs (if necessary) and stage it (if this makes sense in your area), presenting your property in the best possible way to achieve its full potential

Potential Upside:

We will also let you know about any additional upside you will receive if the sales price is higher than our guarantee. On settlement day, we will pay any additional upside to you (less our commission) and remember even if we sell it for less than our guaranteed price, you still keep the payment you received when you moved out!

We take on all the usual headaches involved in selling your home: we’ll deal with the agents (we know how to manage them), the “open for inspection” days, offers from potential buyers, the auction process (if applicable), and work with the lawyers and solicitors to ensure a speedy and efficient settlement process.

Our incentives are aligned with yours to ensure that your home achieves its full potential!

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