How does Sellable compare to a bridge/bridging loan or finance?

Bridging finance allows homeowners to borrow money to buy a new home before selling their existing home, and is offered by all major lenders. However, there are a number of disadvantages compared to what Sellable offers:

  • Not everyone qualifies for bridging finance. Requirements can be quite strict, so some sellers (who may already be in a tight financial situation) may not be eligible for this product. Sellable, on the other hand, is able to work with most sellers because we manage the sale of your home and ensure it will be sold
  • The rate of interest charged on a bridging loan can be significantly higher than a standard loan. Sellable fees include a fixed holding cost which is not only substantially cheaper than bridging finance but is also fixed, removing all risk and uncertainty about the financing cost
  • Finally, a bridging loan solves the problem of financing but does not provide any of the other benefits Sellable offers, including a fully-managed, hands-off sales process and a guaranteed upfront payment
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