What is the impact on my offer if repairs are required?

Within five business days of you signing our contract, we’ll send an accredited building and pest inspector to conduct a detailed inspection of your home. They will examine the interior and exterior of your home and note any items that need repair or replacement. Additionally, we’ll make sure that what we’re seeing in person matches the information you provided us when you requested an offer.

If our inspection reveals that repairs are needed, we will obtain estimates of the costs involved and share these estimates with you. If you’re comfortable with these costs, we’ll ask you to sign an addendum to the contract to adjust our valuation and/or the fees payable. You can also choose to do the repairs yourself and send us proof that they have been completed to Australian standards.

In some cases, the repairs may require re-inspection. On the other hand, if you aren’t willing to cover the repair costs, you are free to cancel the contract at this point and walk away without any costs or obligation.

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