How does the inspection process work?

We arrange for three inspections of your property: after requesting an offer but prior to contract signing, after you’ve signed the contract, and again after you move out.


The valuation occurs two business days of requesting an offer, when we send out an independent valuer to visit your property. This inspection is an important part of our calculating a fair market value for your property, which we openly share with you. The valuer will also examine the interior and exterior of your property to make sure that what we’re seeing in person matches the information you provided us when you requested an offer.

Building and pest inspection

The next inspection is conducted by an experienced building and pest inspector within five business days of you signing the contract. This involves a more detailed examination of the property, including the roof, foundation, and plumbing and electrical systems, and will note any items that need repair or replacement, or where they see evidence of termites or other potential problems.

These inspections do not need your home to be empty or even tidied up for us, as long as we can easily access all parts of the property.

Final inspection

Our final walk-through is conducted just after you move out to ensure that the condition of your home (e.g. walls, windows, gardens, fixtures and fittings) still reflects what was noted in the previous inspection reports, exchange keys and answer any final questions you may have.

You will need to be fully moved out before the final walk-through, and you’ll need to hand over the keys on move-out day.

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