Sellable sounds fantastic! But where’s the catch?

When it comes to selling a home, we know that people are used to finding hidden fees in the small print or discovering that their home isn’t going to sell for as much as they were promised.

We’ve taken a different approach and have made the process and fees entirely transparent. You’ll also know exactly how much you’re going to receive (and when) from the start.

  • We charge you a fixed service fee to cover the usual activities associated with selling your home
  • We also charge a fixed service fee which allows Sellable to remove the risks and uncertainty associated with selling your home
  • Finally, while not strictly a fee, we also may need to make adjustments to your upfront payment based on the repair required in the results of your building and pest inspection, but we’ll always share any repair quotes with you first

There are no other hidden costs or fees.

Note that these fees are deducted directly from your upfront payment, so you don’t need to find any extra cash.

In exchange for these fees:

  • We share the independent estimate of your home’s market value with you, so you know our offers are always fair
  • You’ll receive a guaranteed value for your home - upfront, in cash. You no longer need to worry if property prices drop - the guaranteed value (less our fees) is yours to keep, no matter what happens to the property market
  • In addition, if your home sells for more than our guaranteed price, you keep any additional upside, less our commission
  • You also benefit from a fully-managed, hands-off sales process. By running a proven and well timed sales process we ensure that your home can achieve its full potential

Simply put: you can receive cash today, benefit from the upside tomorrow, and move on to your next adventure.

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